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Meet DIRT.

It cleans your home and makes it smell great too.

Wait, what is this? A cleaning product?
Thank you, not interested... I hate cleaning.

We hear you. We did too.
That’s why we made DIRT.
The only cleaning product you will ever need from now on.

DIRT smells like the luxury fragrance you wish you could afford. Just aim, spray and wipe it off. Hit the crusty stains from that spilled beer. Make the old-sock-stink go away too.
You’re not a slob, you causally clean where it is needed. Well, have a look around. It is needed. Live like the person you want to be. Be proud of your habitat. DIRT makes it easy. From crap to crib. You’re welcome.


Stay fresh my friend. Clean up the crusty, don’t get stuck on the sticky.
Have a fresh start every day. Leave no mess behind.


Shop our first edition


"Los Angeleños"

Arriving May 2022


Meet Dirt

Modern cleaning for him/her/them.
Dirt cleans your home. Dirt smells better than your perfume. Sorry about that. Dirt is all natural, the can is recyclable and uses no toxic propellants. 

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